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From 2004: a uniquely entertaining CD !

Campfire Tales & Riversongs, Live from the Old Boatmen's Home

"If you have ever enjoyed sitting around a campfire, you will enjoy this CD !"
--- Chisel McBrawn ( the Rowin' Idahoan )

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Mountain Angels Trading Co, owned and operated by John Caccia since 1989

Mountain Angels Trading Co

Our CD Story:

On the evening of April 27, 2002 forty (some-odd) river friends, musicians, storytellers, poets and youngsters of all ages gathered at the American Legion Hall in Ketchum, Idaho to enjoy and participate in an unusual recording project, "Campfire Tales and Riversongs, Live from the Old Boatmen's Home." This evening was the highlight of a 3 year long process undertaken by Idaho riverguide, JC Caccia, (a.k.a. Johnny Buffalo) and a hand full of friends known as, The Ketchum Chapter of the Old Boatmen's Home.

The evening's program was loosely structured to include an assortment of music, stories, poetry, dance and various group activities. An all star crew of campfire musicians, the Dreamboats, were assembled to support and help "smooth over" Johnny Buffalo's rough notes. George Grant, music teacher / artist (who had recently moved to Idaho in order to participate in this project) rekindled the "campfire spirit" of the evening by directing the group participation segments. We sang short sing-a-longs, assembled a "songbird choir," waltzed, played Drum Talk music and mutually supported each other thru active listening and playful responses...

It is written that there are 5 main pathways to healing: music, dance, storytelling, laughter and silence. If healing is the heartfelt magic that occurs when a group of people are united in their joyful intention to connect and interact as a community, we were all healed that night at the O.B.H. May all who hear this unique recording, experience the warm glow that was felt by those who helped create it.

Sincrely, Taul Paul, Jane Nicoll, George Grant and JC Caccia (members: Ketchum Chapter of the Old Boatmen's Home)

To sample "Campfire Tales & Riversongs, Live from the Old Boatmen's Home"
CLICK onto the AUDIO LINKS below

Track 1 sampler: Intro... (277k)
Track 2 sampler: Boatmen's Lament (836k)
Track 4 sampler: Drum Talk (277k)
Track 9 sampler: Scary Story (487k)
Track 10 sampler: Campfire Conversations (650k)
Track 13 sampler: Boatman Called Chinook (336k)


TRACK 1: The evening started out with alot of excitement, hoopla and discussion about how we all should respond in respect to the recording process. We were not used to being recorded (or being over-polite) but it didn't take long for everyone to relax and get into the spirit of the evening.. We began with the Old Boatmen's Theme Song, which many people say is their all-time favorite Johnny Buffalo & the Dreamboats hit. (It is also the shortest and I am sure that there is no connection.) Dreamboat band members are a continually evolving collection of campfire friends and talented musicians from all walks of life. For this recording, I was fortunate to assemble an all star line up that included Erasmo Paolo (clarinet), Jeff Sloan (flutes), Scott Tyler and Greg Schochet (mandolin), Taul Paul (shakers), Allen Ross (percussion and sound effects) and George Grant (tablas and frame drums). Just like at any campfire, getting people singing or participating in some way is an essential ingredient for fun at the Old Boatmen's Home.

Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha, Home tuwah Tshawytscha.
Oncorhynchus home tuwah. Home home, welcome home.

How I actually learned this ancient "Welcoming Home Chant" is an interesting story that gets told later on in the narrative "Boatman called Chinook" (Track 13).

TRACK 2 : Over the years, many river friends have enjoyed hearing various campfire renditions of the "Boatmen's Lament." Anyone that has ever spent a summer guiding rivers will easily be able to identify with the lyrics of this song! I am glad that so many of the Old Boatmen got a kick out of the "play it solo...." comment jokingly spoken and on-que!, by one of the best brother's a person could ever hope for, my brother Bill Caccia. We started running rivers together back in the 70's and hope to continue enjoy doing so for as long as canyons glow, rivers flow and we can ride, paddle or row... Thank you BC for your steadfast support and involvement in this recording project and for your ineffable presence in my life over the past 50 years.

TRACK 3 : Taul Paul is one of the four principle members of the "Ketchum Chapter" of the Old Boatmen's Home that met monthly to discuss and fine tune the various segments of "the show" during the winter of 2001 - 2002. ("Klamathy Jane" Nicholl, George Grant and myself were the other three.) Taul Paul is a 23 year veteran river guide, wise friend and talented campfire musician, poet and storyteller. "Bug Cobbler" is our cobbled-up version of the Utah Phillips classic "Moose Turd Pie" and is just a taste of TP's ability as a storyteller and connoisseur of alliteration.

TRACK 4 : Drumming can be the ultimate, group campfire experience. How to facilitate such an experience is the specialty of Drum Talk educator / musician George Grant. The short segment included on this track is the abbreviated version of a very fun and interesting ten minute rhythmic music lesson. As a bonus, we were able to apply the "Ostinato Choir" process that we learned for the group drumming / vocal arrangement on "Geronimo" (Track 7). Drum Talk is just a sample of the teaching and playing skills that George has at his finger tips. To learn more about George visit his website at www.DrumTalk.com.

TRACK 5 : Many of the songs played by Johnny Buffalo and the Dreamboats might sound like Bluegrass to you music lovers. However, since Bluegrass does not grow away out here in Idaho, I call my music "Junegrass," as it is similar to the wild and sticky ground cover that grows abundantly, whether you want it to or not, here in the Rocky Mountains. The Whitewater Waltz / Breakdown never has sounded better thanks to the clear, clean and inventive mandolin picking by Greg Schochet.

TRACK 6 : "Water just Water," was written and presented by well know Idaho photographer, poet, philosopher and collector of eclectic Western icon, Steve Snyder. This track is Steve's artistic property and I am thankful to him for sharing it with us, along with his friendship, inspiration and kindred spirit. It is well worth checking out Steve's website at www.SteveSnyderPhotos.com

TRACK 7 : One of the best ways to inspire and involve groups of people in music playing is thru drumming and vocal chanting. We at the O.B.H. were lucky to have music teacher George Grant (whose river name is Granite Gorge) as part of our crew. Taul Paul, Klamathy Jane, Amy Clifford and myself spent many hours developing our skills with George so we could effectively conduct the six different Ostinato Choir sections featured on this song. Playing "Geronimo" together with everyone that night was great fun and one of the highlights of the evening. When out boating, I like to play "Geronimo" as a campfire drum-along, with the intention to invoke courage... on the night before the big rapids.

TRACK 8 : The trouble with living here in Idaho is that 7 - 8 months of the year it is too cold to sit around at night playing music at a campfire. So, here at the O.B.H. we invented "Campfire-in-a-Can" in order to create the proper atmosphere for those indoor campfire circles. Of course no campfire, in or out of a can, is complete without a roasting of marshmellows...

TRACK 9 : The musical quality of this project practically doubled when Erasmo Paolo, a local outfitter (The River Company) and musician extraordinaire joined the Dreamboats for our event. Erasmo has an extensive musical background, writes music and plays several instruments with impeccable flair and style. He and George hit it off real good right from the start and I could sense the potential for a magical collaboration. Their improvisational "Campfire Conversation" that night was hot!

TRACK 10 : I spotted Adam West one day in a parking lot, introduced myself, outlined the recording project to him and asked if would be interested in participating by telling the Scary Story. After mailing him the script, you can just imagine how thrilled I was when he agreed to be the Scary Story-teller for the CD! The beginning of this story about him "living in a cave behind the Old Boatmen's Home, etc..." was his own ad libbed comments and created the added effect in which the character telling the story became just as frightening as the story itself. Adam is a consummate pro and a big hearted "friend of the campfire." His involvement in this project was an inspiration to us. (I am also grateful to my 6 year old son Wyatt for his well-spoken participation in this story.)

TRACK 11 : An old fishing guide friend, Peter Crow, told me this story many years ago and I named it the "Fisherman's Nightmare." I have enjoyed re-telling it every chance I get, often changing and adding parts here and there as is the story- teller's perogative.

TRACK 12 : The Jimi Hendrix tune, Little Wing, is one of my favorite songs, especially when arranged Junegrass style. I also like the lyrics but playing it instrumentally somehow "trance-ports" me to a mystical place... It was Klamathy Jane and George's idea to have "song birds" included in our arrangement, and a fine-feathered flock of Old Boatmen were easily recruited for the ornithological opportunity, to chirp in with their favorite calls.

TRACK 13 : Boatman called Chinook: I have have long admired the perseverance and ability of the Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha) to survive despite all the obstacles and challenges humans and nature have placed in it's path... This story came to me one summer day after lying down on a shallow gravel bar to cool off in the Big Wood River. The more I think about it, the more I appreciate the possibility that each river may have a unique heartbeat / vibration and that the ancestral spirits of each spawning redd may, in fact, produce a specific song... audible only to certain aquatic species and others who listen very closely.

TRACK 14 : One of my highlights of the evening was singing Heavenly Cruise with the "Angel Choir." Janet Abromeit, Darcy Van Steelant, Lisa Lintner and Jane Nicholl are the four talented, angel-hearted women that had the courage to be involved in this musical venture. Track 14 examplifies what this recording project is about: joyful participation, harmoniously expressed live from the heart of the Old Boatmen's Home... Hallelujah to the Angel Choirs and campfire serenaders of the world.

TRACK 15 : Finally, George suggested that we end the album with a "soft, reflective lullaby." I told George that I didn't have any songs like that, so he advised me to just write one! I didn't know if it would be possible, so close to the night of our event but he insisted that I could do it... After giving it some thought, I was luckily able to compose "Sweet Dreams" about two weeks before our event. The Dreamboats had no trouble learning it and we arranged it to feature short, improvisational solos from Jeff, Scott and Erasmo. What an incredible sweet dream this has been.
The end...

"Campfire Tales & Riversongs, Live from the Old Boatmen's Home"

CD now on sale $15

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