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Beekeeper's Medallion Bronze

Beekeeper's Medallion Bronze


Bronze Medallion for beekeepers. Purchase includes a 30" black linen cord and silver polishing cloth.

The Beekeeper's Medallion has been created by Idaho silversmith and beekeeper JC Caccia in honor of the amazing life and important work performed by honey bees~Apis mellifera.One side of this hive-shaped pendant depicts a beekeeper, who is smiling in gratitude for the 3 main gifts received from honey bees: sweetness (honey frames as viewed from above), light (bees wax candles) and pollination (the bee and flower blossom centered in the heart of this design).

The backside depicts the hexagonal patterned combs that meticulously and so delicately create in order to store honey and pollen and to incubate their brood.

The honey bee brings a message of teamwork. It shows you that you can accomplish much with the resources you have at your disposal. 

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