Top quality leather / silver bracelets, hand braided by John Caccia
 I use only the finest quality USA made leather lace when making these bracelets.
The sterling silver clasping system I have created is both attractive and functional.

 Each bracelet is custom made to your specified size and will not shrink or expand with age.
See how to calculate your bracelet's length below, at bottom of page.

Please allow 5 days to create your custom bracelet order.

                                  How to measure bracelet length:

          Every bracelet is hand braided and made to your specified length.
  Calculate bracelet length by measuring the circumference of your wrist with
a s
tring and ADD: 1/2" for a snug fit, 3/4" for a regular fit and 1" for a loose fit.

                          This measurement will be your "bracelet's length."