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River Bead Bracelet

River Bead Bracelet


Braided leather bracelet with sterling siler end-clasps and a sterling silver River Bead.


Leather braiding is an ancient craft: it is hard to pinpoint a time and place in history when it started being used, but we know it was present in South America over four centuries ago and in South Africa even further back. The Moors introduced the craft of making leather and braiding it to the Spanish during their rule, and that was the start of Spain’s centuries-long tradition of leather craft. Mexico has a tradition of braiding leather as well, which was brought to California and adopted by cowboys to make headstalls, reins, and other horse gear. Ultimately, bolo-ties –a Native-American neckwear style– are perhaps the most iconic braided leather accessory before braided leather belts were introduced.
The first machine-made leather braided belts were created in Italy by Manifattura di Domodossola. Originally, the company produced cables, braided trimmings, and ropes for ships, and only in the 80s did they introduce a machine to produce belts featuring braided leather and elastic material; before then, such belts were made entirely by hand, and when ordered here, they still are 100% handmade by JC and his passion for making sturdy, durable jewelry for outdoor people.

Leather Colors
  • How to Measure

    Every bracelet is hand braided based on your specified length. 
    Calculate bracelet length by measuring the circumference of your wrist with a string and ADD:

    1/2" for a snug fit.

    3/4" for a regular fit.

    1" for a loose fit.

    Braided leather bracelets will not shrink in size and may lengthen slightly over period of time. Due to the fact the leather is hand dyed color variation is posisible and please allow all bracelet orders 5 days to be completed.

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