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Garden Amulet

Garden Amulet


This sterling silver amulet was made by Idaho silversmith and permaculture certified "soil manager" John Caccia in appreciation for the wondrous, magical qualities and all of the life-sustaining energy inherent in seeds. This amulet depicts the conditions necessary for a dormant seed to sprout life, i.e. warmth (enchanted sun), moisture (melting snow crystal), and nutrients (illustrated by the gardener spreading compost onto the soil). Once "awaken" the newly emerging, sunglasses-wearing seed radiates it's "Life Force" upward and send root beginnings down into the earth.

The backside illustrates an evergreen tree with dancing roots. Trees are the "lungs of the planet" and provide habitat, food, shade, inspiration, and beauty while its leaves to compost into soil nutrients. May the wearing of the amulet remind you of the emerging seed miracles that occur every spring and the joyful, nature connecting stewardship responsibility we humans play in the co-creative, gardening process.
Sterling silver (two-sided) pendant with green linen cord.

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