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Garden Angel Earrings

Garden Angel Earrings


These sterling silver Gardening Angel earrings  measure about 3/4 in height and width and hang from sterling silver French wires.

These sterling silver earrings were made by Idaho silversmith (and Permaculture certified "soil manager) JC Caccia. The earring shape is a variation of a seed form that has awakened from dormancy and is radiating it's life force upwards. This life force is the power that sustains the world and is "rooted" in love energy. After completing the design of these earrings I noticed that the shape resembled and had qualities similar to that of angels: wings, halo and a big heart. So I added sunglasses (eye protectors) and gave this design the name "Gardening Angel." May the wearing of these earrings remind you of your connectedness to Nature and serve as an expression of your appreciation and gratitude for all that Creation provides.

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