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Salmon River Amulet

Salmon River Amulet


This sterling silver Salmon River Amulet measures 1 3/8" H x  5/8" W and comes with a 30" natural leather cord.


This sterling silver paddle blade amulet was designed and created by Idaho silversmith/river guide JC Caccia. One side depicts a stylized bear paw track. Bear totem represents strength and protection. The other side portrays a snow crystal, Chinook Salmon (oncorhynchustshawytscha) and wave train, images connected to the health (and a boaters appreciation and enjoyment) of Idaho’s free flowing Salmon River.


This amulet was made to attract good energy. In order to facilitate any amulet’s potential, the wearer must invest his/her energy and participate in a conscious manner. Living a respectful, courteous and responsible way is a prerequisite. Maintaining the mechanical and physical aspects of boating, paying attention and being prepared also work hand in hand to enhance any amulet’s protective qualities.


What is an AMULET? According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: am·​u·​let | \ ˈam-yə-lət : An ornament, gem, scroll or a package containing a relic, etc., worn as a charm or preservative against evils or mischief, and often inscribed with a magic incantation or symbol. Synonym. – Charm, protection. See talisman.

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