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St. Bernard Medal with Mountain Bead

St. Bernard Medal with Mountain Bead


The Great St. Bernard Pass was a strategic point in the Alps, where early travelers were aided by St. Bernard dogs. This sterling silver medal honors the loyalty and bravery of these faithful companions. The medal makes a great gift for Scouts, skiers, and alpinists to carry on those adventures where help may be needed and courage is required.  Measuring 1 1/4" H x 7/8' W this pendant comes with a 30" natural leather cord and St. Bernard story card. The backside inscription reads, ST BERNARD PATRON SAINT OF SKIERS AND ALPINISTS PROTECT US.


This is a very beautiful and popular medal and makes a much-cherished gift or keepsake...


Along the Pennine Alps between Switzerland and Italy is a narrow defile called the Great St. Bernard Pass. Here at 8,114 feet elevation is located a hospice founded in the 11th century by Bernard of Menthon (1020 - 1081). History records how Bernard saved the lives of scores of travelers who had fallen victim to an avalanche, ice traps, and other mountain hazards. Bernard was canonized in 1124 and further honored in the late 1800s when European dog breeders renamed the Alpine Mastiff or Saint Bernard. Today St. Bernard, the man, is known as the Patron Saint of Skiers and Alpinists.

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