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Totem Bead

Totem Bead


This sterling silver Totem Bead has been created by Idaho Silversmith and River Guide JC Caccia to honor the four totem animals that represent the four principle directions of the Native American Medicine Wheel. Any member of the animal kingdom whose images or predominant characteristics inspire, or in some way aides or connects with you, is known as "totem animal."

Eagle: Corresponds with East and the season of spring. The eagle's sharp vision and soaring ability enables it to see the big picture with clarity. Eagle's gift is illumination and wisdom. 

Coyote: Corresponds with South and the season of summer. Coyote is playful and also known as a trickster. The coyote totem reminds up to lighten up and enjoy life. 

Bear: Corresponds with West and represents fall. Mother bear fearlessly and ferociously defends her cubs to ensure their survival. Bear totem implies courage, strength, and protection. 

Buffalo: Corresponds with North and wintertime. The buffalo gives up its life to provide food, clothing, tools, and shelter. Because of Buffalo's generous nature, it is referred to as "Keeper of the Wheel" and signifies humility and sacrifice. 

30" linen cord included. 


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