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Ullr Keyring

Ullr Keyring


As far back as 400 AD Ullr, was know in Scandinavia as the protective god of skiers.
He was also recognized as the god of archers and hunting.
Much of the historical knowledge of Ullr comes from the Eddas (poems and tales of Norse mythology),
where Ullr and his wife Skade were considered the god and goddess of skiing. By the time these stories were written down in the 13th century, Ullr had virtually disappeared from the pantheon of gods, and he almost vanished into the snows forever. But skiing and it’s ancient associations were brought out during the nineteenth century to provide a foundation for the new Norwegian nationalism, which would culminate in the political separation and independence from Sweden in 1905.

Sterling or Bronze Ullr Keyrings available (pendant is 1" in diameter with a snow crystal image on backside).

Leather Color
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