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Yoga Bead

Yoga Bead


This sterling silver Yoga Bead has been created by Idaho Silversmith and yoga student JC Caccia. The three asanas portrayed represent the mental, Adho Mukha Svanasana, the physical, Urdhava Mukha Svanasana, and the spiritual, Supta Virasana aspects of Yoga. 

The mental pose, commonly referred to as Downward-Facing Dog, allows blood to flow easily to the brain, increasing mental capacity, and rejuvenation. The physical pose, known as Upward-Facing Dog, requires a coordinated muscular effort which results in an opening of the chest and heart Chakra. The spiritual pose is known as Child's Pose, or Pose of Humility, which allows for gentle relaxation to help us to go within to connect with our spiritual nature. 

May wearing this Yoga Bead help you to bring the connectedness you experience doing yoga into all aspects of your daily life. 

30" linen cord included. 

Also available in 14K Gold. 

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